People Are Making Angry Peppa Pig Memes And They’re Totally Hilarious

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There’s an episode of Peppa Pig (video below) where Peppa is upset that she can’t whistle. So she calls her friend Susie Sheep and is initially relieved because Susie says she can’t whistle either – in fact, she’s never even tried.

But then Susie Sheep whistles perfectly on her first try and Peppa’s face looks like this:

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So of course, the Internet memed it. And a ton of them are super funny.

Photo Credit: Twitter,staynsee_

That would piss anyone off.

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No thank you.

Photo Credit: Twitter,East6lack

And then there are these gems…

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Do you have a favorite? I think this is mine…

Photo Credit: Twitter,Tyrophant

Happy scrolling!

h/t: Buzzfeed