People of the Internet Weigh in on How Many “Chuggas” Come Before “Choo Choo!”



There is, of course, room for artistic interpretation when playing trains with children – and kids bring their own flare to everything – but I have to agree with this original Reddit poster.

The teacher who only did one chugga is some kind of monster. Commit to the story, woman!

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So, we can all agree that 1 is the wrong answer, but what is the right one? Below are 10 suggestions (some backed up by actual math and science and stuff) that will make you think twice before you start puffing along next time.

#10. It’s all in the pairs.

The answer is two or more pairs. So bare minimum it would be “Chugga chugga, Chugga chugga, Choo Choo” but adding more chugga PAIRS wouldn’t be remiss.

#9. That makes sense.

My rules is the same number of chuggas as we do for the batman cartoon theme song

na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

#8. Soul-searched.

Ive searched my soul for 4 minutes and have deliberated that one must include an amount of “chugga” in multiples of 4 before finally releasing the “choo choo”.

One chugga is literally waste of breath.

2 chuggas are rhythmic but rhythm without direction or theme is just an artless pattern.

3 chuggas are an unholy abomination what are you even doing.

4 chuggas, and/or any multiple of 4, are the perfect combination of rhythm and theme/purpose to make the sound effect immersive in an adolescent and artificial sense, of course. The chuggas must be organized and rhythmic, which is where the even number of chuggas comes in to play, but the multiples of 4 provide structure for this onomatopoeia because, in theory, the train makes noise as it rides along the tracks significantly more often than it blows its whistle. For rhythmic purposes, a ratio of 1 choo choo to every 4 chuggas is used to represent an approximate ratio. The multiple of 4 you decide to use is dependent upon how long you want to represent the travel of the train before blowing the choo choo. After which, it is appropriate to either move on to a different phrase, subject, sentence, etc., or resume more chuggas, as to use the choo choo as an emphasis or exclamation or as a way to break the monotony of having to exemplify a longer travel period with excessive chuggas.

5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, etc., chuggas are out of the question. Your audience shall be immediately disappointed with you, just like your ancestors. Wash your mouth out with soap, and reconcile back to a multiple of 4 chuggas to every choo choo, or shut your face hole. Thank.

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#7. It depends.

It depends on if the train is going uphill or not. Railroader here, I can confirm this is a valid point. I don’t use as many chuggas in a down hill stretch of territory as I would if I was climbing uphill.

#6. No odd numbers.

Three or four pairs, you can never stop on an odd number.

#5. Far too little.

I love how this is on AfraidToAsk lol.

I usually go for 2+ chuggas, depending on how far I want my imaginary train to go. One chugga is FAR too little… Its like they just turned the train on for a split second.

#4. IMO.

I think we need to take the speed of the train (and whether its a hard Chugga or a soft (chugga) into account here.

Slow (2)
Chugga Chugga choo choo
Faster (4)
Chugga Chugga (chugga chugga) Choo Choo! (my default)

Fastest (12)

Chugga-Chugga (chugga-chugga) Chugga-Chugga (chugga-chugga) Chugga-Chugga (chugga-chugga) CHOO CHOO!​


#3. Find a new preschool.

Two or four but never an odd number…You need to find a new preschool for your kid.

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#2. Not allowed.

Chugga chugga chugga chugga

Chugga chugga chugga chugga

Chugga chugga chugga chugga

Choo choo

This is the formal

Any reduced form all the way down to

Chugga chugga

Choo choo

Is fine

But chugga choo choo is babytalk and not allowed.

#1. 12 is also valid.

Considering we Westerners fall into a 4/4 rhythm, it will be 2n where n is a positive integer. So 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 are all valid. 12 is also valid, given you hold the second choo for 1½ crotchets

The more you know!