Prince Harry Knows That Gingers Have to Stick Together



In case you’re going to be in close proximity to Prince Harry in the near future and are looking for a sure way to grab his attention, here’s a surefire way: be an adorable ginger child with a sign reminding him that all redheads are family.

Photo Credit: Instagram

She’s four and her name is Eliza; she arrived at the venue wearing a to-die-for red coat with a fur-lined hood and carrying a sign that said, “#GingersUnite I <3 You Harry.” It – and she – caught his eye and the video of their encounter is going to melt you into a puddle of your former self.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Prince Harry has proven, on many occasions, that he loves children. Whenever he encounters kids he lights up at the chance to engage, leaving little doubt that he’s going to be an excellent dad.

There’s this video of him doling out endless hugs to an excited Aussie boy.

And this one of him gently returning a lost child to his parents during a meet and greet.

He’s ready to burst ovaries everywhere with the way he interacts with adorable babies. Le sigh.

And my personal favorite – his face when this little girl filched popcorn from his bag.

It’s enough to make you believe in sweetness and light, my friends, and what’s the harm in that?