It Wasn’t Until They Get Home That They Realized How Rare Their Photo Really Was


Those of us who fancy ourselves amateur photographers love using the ocean as a backdrop. You can always rely on the sea to give you beautiful shots. One expectant couple got quite the photo op during a trip to the beach.

Excited about their first baby, Dan and Angeline Mozer went to Atlantic Beach in Florida to do a maternity shoot. Angeline was nine months along and the couple wanted to mark the moment with a few pictures. As they walked along the beach that afternoon, Dan decided on an ideal spot to take some snaps.

Posing sideways with a perfect silhouette to showcase her belly, Angeline stood facing her husband against the gorgeous landscape. Off in the corner, someone took the opportunity to photobomb the mom-to-be with clever timing. Angeline couldn’t see what was going on, but her husband was in awe.

As if on cue, a dolphin jumped out of the water just in time for the camera to click! You know what? Animals are pretty great at selfies and photobombing, and dolphins are no exception when it comes to the stealthy lurk-and-pop-in move. What is concerning is that the dolphin in this pic may have a case of “Look at Me!” syndrome, which is common in some selfie takers.

Image of Angeline Mozer and dolphin.

Most people know that dolphins are cute, cool, and super intelligent. Therefore this totally could have been a calculated thing by the camera-ready wave leaper. Just look at that form! In an interview with Yahoo!, Dan said that the dolphin wanted to take another glam shot, so it jumped again:

“The dolphin actually jumped twice, but I liked the first jump picture best. How quickly I forget how magical a dolphin jumping out of the water is! Now I’m picking my favorite jump!”

As new residents of the area, Dan and Angeline were clued in by local beachgoers that dolphin appearances were fairly common. It wasn’t a total surprise to spot them swimming, so Dan had his camera waiting to take a burst of pictures. He was aiming for the shot of a lifetime, and got three in a row.

The two shared the fun photo with their local news station News4Jax in Jacksonville, who in turn posted it to their Instagram account. Online, the pic received thousands of views with some commenters loving the beauty of the moment, as well as a few cynical dissenters who thought it was a photo-shop job.

As for the Mozers, they looked at it as a sign from their new arrival – Courtland – and his gift as a potential dolphin charmer. Dan shared that among the entertaining comments the pic has received was the suggestion to name their son Dolph Finn. They emphatically said no on that one. A few days later, Angeline gave birth to their healthy baby boy who they plan on nicknaming Aquaman. Perfect.

What do you think of this sweet photobomb? Do you have any dolphin stories or encounters to share? Do you have your own pictures that include animal photobombs? Tell us in the comments!