“Shittens” Will Change The Way You Change A Diaper


Any parent who’s cleaned up a diaper that more closely resembles a FEMA superfund site knows that regular wet wipes sometimes just don’t do the trick. Most parents have accepted the fact that on some days you just get pooped on.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Consider the Shitten. (Yep, that’s really what it’s called.)

It might sound like a joke product, but the Shitten is very much real. A Shitten is a mitten-shaped wet wipe that fits over your hand, protecting you from any and all unwanted fecal exposure. According to the company’s website, “The shape of a Shitten provides not only safety from poop, but on a larger scale, emotional peace of mind.”

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To be sure, the folks over at Shittens don’t expect their product to completely replace wet wipes and toilet paper. They’re recommended for the most extreme diaper emergencies, the kind that leave you wishing you had a HAZMAT suit, and maybe a flamethrower.

Shittens are the creation of husband and wife Richie Wilson and Rachel Fine, who first pitched their product to The Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban on The Howard Stern Show. (Cuban loved it.) They say Shittens are not only great for babies, but also adults, pets, and even non-poo-related situations like when you’re too busy to take a shower.

The fact that it’s for all ages, and not just babies, might be why they’re able to get away with having a swear right in their product name.(Or maybe someone at the patent office was really drunk. Who knows?)

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Now, before you head over to Amazon and begin living in your poop-free utopia, know that Shittens have their drawbacks. For starters, they’re expensive. A package of 20 will set you back $34. Furthermore, some customers say they’re not as absorbent as they’d like. As one Amazon reviewer wrote:

“The mitten is so thin that fecal fluid soaked right through. Because you wear it like a glove and don’t fold it over, your hand is only a thin layer away from fecal matter and you can see the remnants inside the glove and smell it on your hands. This is a fundamental flaw that make this product less useful and much more expensive than standard baby wipes.”

Finally, you gotta wonder how necessary these really are. If your priority really is to never get your baby’s poop on your hands, why not spring for a pack of rubber gloves to use along with your baby wipes?

Photo Credit: Shittens

But maybe I’m wrong and Shittens are the printing press of baby poop. Plus, there’s no denying the product has a hilarious name and mascot, Mr. Doots, who looks like the less popular cousin of Lefty, the Hamburger Helper mascot.

Photo Credit: Daily Dot

And hey, if Shittens don’t take off, maybe they could have a second career as a joke gift.


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