Single Dad Runs a Workshop Teaching Other Fathers How to Do Their Daughters’ Hair


Styling a little girl’s hair doesn’t need to involve salon-level talent. However, it can be a struggle for some parents to deliver anything other than a basic ponytail for their little one. And sometimes even those aren’t as easy as they look – especially when you’re in a morning rush.

A single dad in Alabama recognized his own underdeveloped hairstyling skills and decided to do something about it. Darious Bland became a single father seven years ago. After spending some time getting a few techniques down pat, he started his own fathers’ group to teach other dads how to style hair for their daughters.

Called “Can Daddy Do My Hair?”, the Facebook group provides a platform for Darious to post video tutorials and pictures for different hairstyles. With over 400 followers and growing, the group has become a place for dads (and some moms too) to connect with each other as they learn and practice their skills.

This past May, Darious held his very first hair styling workshop for 12 dads who wanted to learn hands-on. As part of the event, he really wanted to emphasize the bonding part of doing their daughter’s hair. Moms know that in between settling a squirmy kid long enough to keep still and getting the ‘do right, there’s plenty of bonding going on too.

Patience is key, which is also one of the points that Darious stresses with his tutorials. He credits an experience with his mother being unavailable (who usually did his daughter’s hair for him) for pushing him into the mom-dominated task. He admitted that at first, he didn’t know how to comb or do a basic ponytail.

With lots of practice, he’s graduated to more stylish techniques like bantu knots and twist-outs. One of the biggest lessons for him: appreciating mothers now that he’s been in their shoes. But now this dad has his own tricks to share.

You know you have memories of getting your hair done at home that you’re able to recall and laugh about today. For some of us, that in-home stylist was Mom; for others it was a father, sister, aunt, or grandmother. Yes, sometimes the braid would be off-center, or your two ponytails would zigzag, but at least the loving effort was there.

Like anything else, if you don’t possess the natural talent for something, you can train yourself to do it. The art of styling a little girl’s hair is no different. There’s something about that tiny smile when your daughter looks in the mirror and gives her approval. Not to mention, there’s the satisfaction that comes with mastering a skill.

Darious recently posted a video from his workshop to YouTube to demonstrate how to do one style. One of his best tips? Watch TV together to help pass the time – that goes for cartoons too! He plans to turn his workshops into regular events for the community.

What do you think of Darious’s hair styling skills and work in the community? Has your dad ever attempted to do your hair? How did it turn out? Tell us in the comments!