Sisters Mistake Cashier For “Maui” From Moana


For lots of kids, Disney movies aren’t just films to be enjoyed, they’re an obsession–and certain beloved Disney characters can become almost as important to a kid as their own parents. Most of the time, kids realize these characters aren’t real people. But if they happen to meet someone who resembles said character? All bets are off.

Mother of two and radio host Rella Rivera shared a video of her two daughters who thought they met one of their Disney idols at a Costco in Kaplolei, Hawaii. Her daughters, 5-year-old Rylyn and 8-year-old Ryley, are huge Moana fans, and when they spotted Costco cashier William Va’anu, they believed they were seeing their favorite Moana character, Maui.

Photo Credit: Rella Rivera

If you’re not familiar with the movie, Maui is a larger-than-life demigod who helps Moana throughout the story. Among other things, he’s known for his magical fish hook, his sentient tattoos, and his catchphrase “Chee-hoo!”

Photo Credit: Disney

But the best part of this story is how Va’anu reacted to the girls’ enthusiasm. Rather than set them straight, he belts out a hearty “Chee-oo!”, much to the girls’ delight. Rivera shared a video of the moment, and it’s since gone massively viral:

One reason Va’anu’s Maui impression was so convincing? He regularly appears as the character at parties and at the Aulani Disney resort. Here he is in his full Maui getup.

Photo Credit: William Va’ana

The girls and their mother loved it. And now, every time they go back to Costco, her daughters are on the lookout for Maui.

Plenty of people who viewed the video found it heartwarming, too:

Photo Credit: Bored Panda


Most of us, I’m guessing, do not resemble any well-known Disney characters. But if you do, and a little kid runs up to meet you, now you know what do to.


h/t: 9Gag, Bored Panda, and People