Someone Had the Guts to Ask Chrissy Teigen If She Quit Breastfeeding and Her Response Was Perfect



If there’s one thing moms can count on in this day and age of the Internet it’s that someone out there is waiting to shame you. I’ve double and triple-checked my son’s carseat straps before posting pictures of him riding in it, made sure there were no tripping hazards in pictures in the house, etc., and I know there are still folks out there pursing their lips and clucking at my parenting skills (or lack thereof).

I can only assume this goes double (or a hundred times) for celebrities who have hundreds of thousands of followers, but Chrissy Teigen has proven over and over again that she has no patience for people waiting in line to try to correct her parenting over Instagram (or Twitter).

Photo Credit: Instagram

The latest numbskull attempt came from a woman who commented on a cute backstage picture shared by John Legend, Teigen’s husband, in which their daughter is playing a game on the phone and Chrissy is feeding baby Miles a bottle.


Photo Credit: United Artists

In all seriousness, we know that the “breast is best” campaign gets people riled (on both sides of the issue), so maybe it’s not surprising that some woman thought she just had to comment on the lack of boob in the pic.

Photo Credit: Instagram

“You no longer breastfeed?”

Sure, there’s nothing explicitly rude about the comment but you hear the tone in it, right?

And then there’s the fact that how another woman chooses to feed her baby is none of your business. He’s healthy and happy and it’s not. your. concern.

Say it with me.

Teigen, of course, came up with a simple but perfect reply: “John never breastfed Miles.”

It’s not even Chrissy’s photo or IG account, so technically, the person was posing the question to John Legend. Which makes her reply not only apropos, but funny. Classic Teigen, and one we can add to the long list of reasons we love her.

The bottom line might be that it’s none of your business, but there are other points to be made, too – it could be a sensitive subject, if she wants to be breastfeeding and is unable to for some reason, for one. For another, perhaps she is breastfeeding and has an infection. Perhaps the baby is getting pumped breastmilk.

We never know what sort of struggles or everyday interruptions are behind the scenes of public photographs, after all. Which is just one more (very good) reason to keep your opinions to yourself.