Stuff Your Face With A Fat Unicorn Cake


Unicorn cakes been a staple of birthday parties for years now–you can’t swing a cat on Pinterest without hitting at least 15 of them. And sure, while a unicorn on a cake might be appealing in its own right, there’s something about these mythical beasts that’s, well, unrelatable. Maybe the sight of a unicorn has only serves to remind you of your own less-than-majestic self.

If that describes you, fret no more! Because cake unicorns just got a whole lot more down to earth. Introducing the fat unicorn cake:

Unicorns: they’re just like us! At least when it comes to passing out on a cake.

Your typical fat unicorn on a cake is made out of fondant icing and is completely edible, though it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to eat something that’s so much fun to look at.

Fat unicorn Birthday Cake for my child

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It’s not clear at this point who is responsible for this innovation in fantasy animal cake toppers, but they’ve been popping up on social media for about a month.

A fat unicorn cake topper doesn’t even have to be eating the cake itself. One baker went for a Mexican food version:

So the next time you’re planning to celebrate a birthday, a baby shower, or just your own crippling addiction to baked goods, (where my people at?), the fat unicorn is here to help.

Here’s one more, in case the sugar crash is hitting you hard.


h/t: Buzzfeed