The 4 Lies This Mom Tells Herself When Her Kids Go Back to School Might Sound Familiar



It’s that time again – there’s a nip in the air (if you’re lucky), school supplies have been bought, Starbucks has brought back their coveted line of pumpkin products, and that big yellow bus is coming to take your children away for a good chunk of the day.

Back to school is a light at the end of the tunnel for stay-at-home and working parents alike, but every year, there are a few things we all tell ourselves are going to happen that definitely don’t. If none of the four apply to you, well…are you sure?

#4. You’ll go to sleep shortly after the kids do.

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Sure, you’re tired. But they’re also the only hours in the day that belong only to you and your partner, so no matter how much sleep it means sacrificing, you’re probably going to binge that show on Netflix as opposed to crashing at 9 p.m.

#3. We’ll go back to being healthy once summer is over.

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Everything tends to slide a bit over the summer – diets, exercise, that kind of thing – and we all have grand plans of getting back into shape and emptying the freezer of all that ice cream (one way or another) but let’s face it, you’re probably not going to use your extra “free” time to squeeze in a yoga class.

#2. You’re going to pack lunches the night before school instead of the morning of.

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Hahahaha, yeah, maybe for a week or two.

#1. I won’t feel guilty about Lunchables

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Except they are. No matter how tired you are, how many times you were up with a sick kid, or how behind you are in your own work, you will always feel guilty for sending your kid to school with a preservative-packed lunch.