These 10 Pictures of Dads Seeing Their Children for the First Time Will Melt Your Heart



The moment you set eyes on your baby for the first time is life-changing, amazing, and difficult to explain to anyone who hasn’t been there. Since they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, it stands to reason that these images of dads seeing their children for the first time will get more across than a million explanations.

Check them out – and bring your tissues!

#10. Skin-to-skin and heart-to-heart.

Photo Credit: ashleyl4010e754d

#9. A joy you’ve never known.

Photo Credit: megane47a12ce5c

#8. Pure wonder.

Photo Credit: dainar2

#7. The moment when it all becomes real.

Photo Credit: brittanyl451999eb3

#6. Precious moments.

Photo Credit: alexandriaz4f4d23811

#5. When eyes meet…

Photo Credit: alyssah49eff9e6c

#4. Sweet sleep.

Photo Credit: hla3118

#3. Can’t take my eyes off of you…

Photo Credit: colino4bbf07ca0

#2. No use trying to hold back the tears.

Photo Credit: raizacabrerar

#1. Sweet kisses.

Photo Credit: morgantitus