These 10 Tweets Totally Nail What It’s like Parenting Teens



If you think that parenting a toddler – basically a tiny, drunk adult hell-bent on killing themselves even if they have to burn the house down to do it – is hard, that’s probably because it is. That said, the teen years bring their special challenges and it can be as rough a road as the twos and threes….albeit with less crayon on your walls.


If you’re in the thick of it with a teenager or two, these 10 parents totally get you.

#10. It’s like Christmas morning, except they’re filthy.

#9. Just give them some time!

#8. They must have forgotten about it, otherwise, it would have been inhaled with the rest of the pantry contents.

#7. True story.

#6. You can ruin any teenager’s day, not only your own. Go for the gold!

#5. Embarrassing your kid is the only perk you get for years.

#4. There’s a science to it, maybe?

#3. Everyone join the fun!

#2. There’s just no way to prepare you.

#1. You’ll never be without your daily dose of WTF.

Mine are still little, but if they could stay in that six or seven range forever, that would be great.