15 College Student Tweets, They Really Are Just Trying Their Best



College is an amazing time, but it’s also full of new and big challenges – living on your own, having to feed yourself, getting yourself to class, keeping your grades up, and all of the rest – and sometimes it takes quite a few fails before kids can start to figure it out.

I’ll let you decided where these 15 kids fall on the scale, but I’m thinking it’s not too close to being actual adults.

#15. This is honestly kind of goals.

#14. I think it’s called like history or sociology.

#13. Shut up, nerd.

#12. I mean, seriously.

#11. Reason enough.

#10. Oh my god.

#9. Dudes can be woke.

#8. But seriously, why is that?

#7. I wouldn’t tell people that story, TBH.

#6. It ruins everything.

#5. Take me with my coffee or not at all.

#4. Adulthood is one step forward, two steps back.

#3. He deserved it.

#2. When you’ve just gotten a new notebook and really, really want to use it.

#1. This is one of the honest moments of growing up.

It might be wrong to laugh, but I can’t help it!