These 20 Memes Perfectly Sum up Life as a Mom



Being a mom is great. It’s also frustrating, annoying, time-consuming, and exhausting – so we all need a laugh to go with our cups of coffee now and then, right?


So here are 20 memes that totally get #momlife. I promise.

#20. They think we were just born yesterday.

#19. It really is the little things.

#18. Do you have any more?

#17. I don’t know how they do it.

#16. You sweet, summer child.

#15. A little humor goes a long way.

#14. Followed by “OMG is he alive?”

#13. Every single night right now.

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The struggle is real 😭😆

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#12. I’m totally chill. It’s cool, no worries.

#11. I’m listening, I swear.

#10. Business truths.

#9. We’re all fine.

#8. Can’t you tell by my face?

#7. Or when they just stand there and talk about nothing while you’re trying to talk.

#6. That’s why you hide. Rookie.

#5. I just don’t know where it could be?!

#4. It happens quite a lot.

#3. It’s the worst magic in the world.

#2. Minecraft what?

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OMG, no!

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#1. Never ever.

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Me before I get high 😂💚💨

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Back to the trenches, Mama!