These 6 Viral Parenting Moments Made 2018 Unforgettable



It’s a new year, which means we’re all set for new moments, memes, and hilarity. But just for a moment, let’s look back on 6 of the most memorable parenting moments from 2018.

#6. This dad using dance to cheer up his kid in the hospital.

My heart.

#5. This toddler desperate to get Alexa to play Baby Shark.

Personally, I don’t think Baby Shark is as bad as some parents. Then again, I’m still pretty new to this parenting thing, so maybe I should give it time.

But I kind of think this is adorable.

#4. When dads everywhere stood up for Daniel Craig after Piers Morgan made fun of him for baby-wearing.

Photo Credit: Twitter


#3. This teenager blowing off her dad for talking about women.

Photo Credit: Twitter

At a political rally. This is some kind of trifecta, y’all.

#2. This mom showed everyone everywhere how to support other moms in the moment.

Photo Credit: Facebook

I strive to be this mom one day.

#1. This baby who figured, what the hell, a nipple is a nipple, right?

Photo Credit: Twitter

Maybe Dad will appreciate Mom’s sacrifices more now!

I’m not sure whether to hope my kids do or don’t make next year’s list… Cheers to 2019!