These 8 Comics Perfectly Capture the Struggles of a Couple Experiencing Their First Pregnancy



Pregnancy is no joke, and even though women bear the brunt of the tough stuff, there’s no denying that men go through some changes of their own (forced and otherwise).

Tel Aviv illustrator Yehuda Devir and his wife, Maya, have shared their relationship in the series “One of Those Days” and their year-long struggle to conceive.

Now that she’s pregnant, we’re treated to an inside glimpse into how the two of them are handling the changes – and the series is so great. Read on!

#8. Don’t boss me!

#7. Those pregnancy boobs are such a tease.

#6. Among other things.

#5. Awwww.

#4. Don’t say a word.

#3. The baby wants what she wants.

#2. A big moment!

#1. Just get out of the way.

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