These Funny “Harry Potter” Wine Glasses Are Going to Be on Every Adult Fan’s Holiday Wish List



I love Harry Potter. You love Harry Potter. We all love Harry Potter!

And if you don’t, well, move along. You’re not our people. Heh.

I don’t know about you, but my love has led to me buying way too many Harry Potter related items, and ones that incorporate swear words? Forgetaboutit.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Now, some people might say that sweary holders for booze have no place in the Wizarding Universe because the series was originally written for children, but come on – the generation that was weaned on Harry Potter are all grown up, many of us with kids of our own, and we need these glasses like we need air and earlier bedtimes.

And Etsy shop owner MiseryLovesCo666 has just what you need – house specific sweary wine glasses.

You’re going to need a full set for when your witch and wizard friends come for a visit. Or for when you haven’t done the dishes for a few days.

First up, Ravenclaw.

Photo Credit: Etsy

Then Gryffindor…

Photo Credit: Etsy

And Slytherin.

Photo Credit: Etsy

Then finally Hufflepuff (don’t even try to tell me they wouldn’t love this).

Photo Credit: Etsy

Well, I’ve got to go buy some holiday gifts – amirite?

Update: as of this writing, these glasses are all sold out. But we can hope that a strong first run just means they’ll be back!