These Pregnant Women Looked Their Cravings in the Eye…And Went down Hard

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Sugar. It’s all I wanted when I was pregnant both times and then – appropriately, perhaps – my second had a dairy protein allergy plus an egg allergy and out the window went the majority of my go-to sweets. Womp-womp.

Truth? I didn’t even try to reign it in when I was pregnant. But if I had, I’m guessing I would have failed as spectacularly as these 12 gorgeous ladies.

#12. I mean, how do you know which is better if you don’t try both?

#11. I’m not even pregnant and that looks like a winning combo to me.

#10. Eh, you’ve got time.

#9. And there’s always after you give birth. And after he turns a year old…

#8. I clearly need a new doctor.

#7. I’m sure it all evens out.

#6. She would have been within her rights to send him instead.

#5. If this woman isn’t a millionaire, there’s no justice in this world.

#4. I’m pretty sure this is a law.

#3. And, presumably, because pizza is life.

#2. It’s a hard knock life.

#1. A girl needs options.

No shame in the pregnant game, my friends. Go for it.