This Baby Is Feeding His Mom As She Nurses Him. Clearly, I Need Loftier Parenting Goals.



Breastfeeding is full-time job, especially when your babies are new. You don’t have enough hands to do it and anything else, like feed yourself or reach the remote. I don’t know why I didn’t think of having my kid do those things for me once they were old enough, but this mom has her sh*t together, clearly.

The video was captured back in 2016 and shows mom Paula Goodwin nursing her son Zachary at a Mexican restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina. She told TODAY that Zachary was always trying to shove gross stuff in her mouth while he was nursing but that day, he surprised her.

“During nursing I noticed he started shoving what I thought were his fingers or some other gross object that does not belong in the human mouth into my mouth. But when I realized what he was actually doing, I asked my sister, Traci, who was with us to see if she could catch some of it on camera. And the rest is history!”

The video has been seen over two million times, probably by moms like me who realize they’re slacking in the training their kids department. For Goodwin, the responses have brightened her days.

“I feel when mothers see this it will strike a nerve just due to the many levels of breastfeeding it touches on. As simple as it is, you can still kind of get the feeling of what a nursing mother goes through; the tired nights, rushed, cold meals, and the hope that your selflessness will live on and not go unnoticed by your children.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Her son is older now, and Goodwin wonders whether that moment in the restaurant helped shape him into a little gentleman.

“He opens doors and always makes sure I walk ahead of him. He absolutely knows the meaning of ‘ladies first’ and maybe it started that day in the restaurant!”

Photo Credit: Facebook

I don’t know about you, but I’m off to start conditioning my two-month-old now.