This Dad Had to Carry His Stubborn Kid like a Duffle Bag and We’ve All Been There



Ah, toddlers. You might as well love (and laugh at) them, because you can’t kill them and there isn’t enough alcohol in the world, am I right?

If you’ve had a toddler or are currently in the thick of this whole parenting what amounts to a small, drunk adult, then you’re going to raise a glass in solidarity when you see this dad pull a pro move when his two-year-old daughter refused to get up off the driveway and walk inside after school.

Photo Credit: AirTV

Her mom is videoing the incident and can’t hold back her laughter at the ho-hum way her husband approaches what could be a frustrating moment.

There were, of course, the typical “my kid would never act like that” people in the comments, but the vast majority of people were simply nodding their heads and commiserating about why kids’ clothing companies don’t reinforce their tops for this exact reason.

Or, you know, they could just add handles to toddler’s clothing and save everyone a bit of trouble.

That’s the idea that’s going to get me on Shark Tank, folks. You watch.