This Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Is Getting Real About the Wild Ride of Pregnancy Hormones and We Can Relate



There are many things about pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum life that are no joke, but the hormones have to be one of the most forceful and unexpected pieces of the puzzle. I mean, for me, I really didn’t realize how much I was a slave to my own out-of-whack body until I found myself with a 10-day-old baby, sobbing into a plate of eggs because my husband overcooked them.

Really. I’ll never forget the stunned/terrified look in his eyes.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Bekah Martinez didn’t find love on Season 22 of The Bachelor, but she has found it since then, and the happy couple now has a baby on the way. Her due date is coming up at the end of January 2019, and the couple is waiting to find out the sex until the little bean arrives.

In the meantime, Bekah has been surprised, to say the least, about all of the uncontrollable changes her body is going through growing a human being.

“I’ve officially fallen victim to the pregnancy hormones,” she writes. “Having a hard time dealing with the anxiety of leaving my parents’ home and going back to LA (even though it’s only been a week). I just want to be near my mom and dad and family and familiar childhood places.”

Many feelings arise that have no sensible place of origin when you’re pregnant, but that’s okay. Mad, sad, frustrated, or anything in between, just embrace it.

Because in a few months you’ll be out of excuses and have to actually control yourself. Dammit.