This Grandma Took Boudoir Pics for Her Hubby and They Are Everything

©Roaming Magnolia Photography


Boudoir pictures are all the rage right now – if you’re not aware, they’re racy images meant for the eyes of a significant other only – but most often with the younger set.

You know, the set that doesn’t have to worry about extra skin and stretch marks and saggy boobs, your kids walking into the photo shoot, etc. The set that has time to schedule photo shoots and do their hair. You get the idea.

But once your kids get out of the house could be the perfect time to add some spice back to your marriage!

Maybe that’s what Georgia mother and grandmother Lisa Bishop thought when her daughter Samantha, who snaps the photographs for a living, offered to take a set of images her mother could use to surprise her dad, Mike.

She told Scary Mommy:

“I’m a boudoir photographer and my mom and I talked about doing a shoot. She said she’d only do one if we could do it in a bathtub full of yarn.”

And thus began the idea that turned into a beautiful gift for us all.

It may have started as a joke but as they went along, Lisa was into it. The yarn, yes, but there’s more.

Your eyes do not deceive you, my friends – those are Wether’s Originals cascading over her bare legs. And this is how a legend is born.

Her daughter revealed that they didn’t even have to buy the props, because her mom is baller.

“She’s an avid crocheter, so we already had the yarn on hand.”

No word on the Werther’s, though my thought is that Lisa doesn’t do anything halfway, so she’s probably not dropping the ball on going full Grandma, either.

The good news is, the last few pages of the photo book are blank, which means we can all cross our fingers for a sequel.

You can see by her husband’s reaction that he’s hoping for the same.

“Oh good,” he says. “There’s room for more.”

Amen, Mike. Amen.