This Grocery Cart Hack Is so Simple You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Think of It



I know, I know, another “hack” that will change your life! So let’s get real: this grocery cart hack probably won’t change your life, but it is good enough to share, and it could save your back.

Grocery shopping (or wandering around Target for an hour or so picking up things you don’t need) is something that we all have to do once in a while. I mean, grocery delivery and Amazon are doing their best to change that, but chances are that you’re lifting your child or children in and out of a cart at least once a week. And I don’t know about you, but after just 21 months of parenting and one and two-thirds pregnancies, my back is pretty much always killing me.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

You guys. It turns out that the way the carts go together to stack in the parking lot also creates a sort of doggie door for your child to get in and out of the cart themselves.

The hack comes courtesy of Laura Castrillo, who has been using the trick for years but recently taught it to her mother, who had moved to be closer to her grandkids. The older woman struggled with lifting them, like Laura told Love What Matters:

“My mom’s back was sore from lifting my kids in and out of the shopping cart. That’s when I shared ‘the trick’ with her. Behold, the best mom hack you’ll ever find.”

Just lift the front cart panel and coax your kids out with goldfish crackers. Done.

Castillo recorded the original video to show her mom, who is permanently disabled due to back problems, and never expected it to go viral. She’s quick to say that she didn’t invent the hack, but that it was shared with her by another mom who found it the easiest way to get her disabled son in and out of the cart.

You’re welcome 😉
The video has been viewed over 3 million times, so you know there are moms with aching backs everywhere who are raising a glass to Laura and her generosity tonight.

Including this one. Cheers!