This Helpful Sister Gave Her Brothers a Back-To-School Haircut and Now Their Parents Need a Drink



Beauty and the Beast might be a tale as old as time, but so is one sibling taking a pair of scissors or clippers to another and giving them a rocking new style…that mom or dad has to drag them to the barber shop to fix. It’s never as fun as they think it’s going to be (especially for the parents) but with pictures and blackmail, the experience usually turns out to be amusing for at least one of the involved parties.

Less so for dad Chris Cate (of The Parent Normal), who found not one, but two of his sons with completely butchered hair…less than a week before the first day of school.

The culprit? His nine-year-old daughter Ava. She figured both Cameron (six) and Colton (four) could use a little freshening up before they all jumped into fall.

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“So it happened in our house, and less than a week before school starts, of course. I’ve seen it happen on so many tv shows, but thought it wouldn’t happen to us. And yet, here we are. My daughter gave a haircut to both of her brothers. The only good news is they didn’t return the favor for her.”

All was quiet at home…too quiet, as Chris found out when Cameron came running over to inform him that he was looking “super sharp.” Dad looked down and saw layers, chunks, and not a whole lot left of his bangs. Upon questioning Ava, she explained that her brothers “begged” for new looks, so what was a big sister to do? He found the evidence piled in a closet, hair clippings and scissors there for the taking.

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The family headed off to the salon to make sure things were ship-shape for the start of school.

“Cameron’s hair had to be buzzed all over because there were too many spaces where the hair was cut all the way off. Colton didn’t need to be entirely buzzed, but there’s still some evidence the haircut incident took place, but it’s not as big of a disaster as it was before the professional fixed it.”

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It turns out that Cameron liked his new cut, and asked his father whether he could keep it buzzed all the time. After Chris told him perhaps next summer, Cameron had a quick solution to not getting his way.

“He replied he would just have Ava cut his hair again so he could get it buzzed.”

Smart kids. Smart enough, probably, to watch a few YouTube videos and make sure they do a better job the next time around.