This ‘Honest Mom’ Nails Why We Should All Stop with the Incompetent Dad Jokes



You know what I’m talking about – the dad who can’t figure out the laundry or packing lunches or how to change a kid’s clothes in a public bathroom without screaming for mercy. The joke that dads are incompetent and that’s why moms have to do everything is as old as the day is long, but that doesn’t mean, in this day and age, that we should let men get away with that nonsense.

And if anyone is going to say just that to the people of the Internet, it’s “honest mom” Kristina Kuzmic. She’s famous for her honest rants about motherhood, parenthood, relationships, and anything else that gets her goat on a daily basis. And for Father’s Day, she had one thing on her mind – changing the stereotypes surrounding dads.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Sing it, sister. And love to all the dads out there doing their best every single day.