This Mom Knows You Always Rock out to the Backstreet Boys, No Matter Who’s in the Car



If you’re raising kids, then you should know that embarrassing them as teenagers is basically one of the few perks of parenting kids between the ages of 12-18. Also, it’s super easy to do – most of the time you embarrass them without trying or doing anything particular, but sometimes those special moments come along that allow you to go above and beyond. When they do, you must take them, my friends.

Mom of two Wendy Chupp Gossett clearly knows this, because she hopped out of her car onto a snowy, traffic-jammed highway in Colorado to bust a move to some Backstreet Boys.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Her teenage son Nathan was in the front seat, and the two had been stuck on the road for over 4 hours when she decided to take the road trip’s entertainment into her own hands.

“This is what happens when you’re stuck for four hours on I 25,” she wrote in the post.

Her moves are pretty sweet, too, from the reverse Running Man to flailing her arms above her head as she weaves between cars.

We aren’t the only ones who noticed, either – not one, but two of the original Backstreet Boys found the whole thing amusing enough to comment about on Twitter. Which, if you ask me, is a win.

First, Nick Carter dropped this tweet:

Photo Credit: Twitter

And Kevin Richardson chimed in with this:

Photo Credit: Twitter

Wendy told Fox 8 that Nathan was “totally stressed” and hungry (duh), so she was just trying to cheer him up.

Sure, Wendy. We’re not buying that you didn’t realize shaking your booty in the full view of strangers wouldn’t mortify your teen into wishing a sinkhole would open up and swallow him and you and the car and everyone who saw the whole thing go down.

Still, it’s clear from Nathan’s smirk at the end of the video that he’s got a sense of humor – in like, a decade, I’m sure he’ll let his parents appreciate that fact when they’re all hanging out together having a beer.