This Mom Shares All the Reasons Why Bedtime with Kids Is the Absolute Worst



We all love our children. We adore them. Spending time with them brings us joy (and sure, annoyance sometimes). That said, we also all live for bedtime.

That blissful time when the house is quiet, you can eat whatever you want without sharing, and the television is just for you (and maybe your significant other, if they’re lucky).

At least, it should be blissful. But it seems like the moment you kick your feet up, one of the should-be-sleeping kids desperately “needs” something.

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And as ScaryMommy blogger Sarah Johnson points out, sometimes you just can’t deal with it.

“I do the bedtime extras. A LOT. I do the reading of books and the prayers and “how was your day” talk and “what was your favorite part of school today” and all the “I love yous” I can muster. I do lots and lots of snuggling and give lots of goodnight kisses. But some nights I don’t. Some nights there is just nothing left in my motherhood cup.”

We’re good moms. But sometimes, we’ve been good moms for 15 or 16 hours straight and for the love of everything holy, we just want a couple hours of not being needed before we crash ourselves. If you’re like me, you’ve been putting off actual work that needs to be done, praying for those couple hours of peace – and hoping against hope that you can stay awake long enough to punch some half-sensible words into your laptop.

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Sarah is all of us as she sums up real life in her post:

“It’s like we start the day with a cup full of patience and mothering and energy. And we take scoops out of that cup all day long. Rarely do we refill it (unless some miracle happens like they nap simultaneously or Grandma picks them up for a couple hours or your spouse surprises you by bringing home takeout). Most days, though, we drain that cup all day long, and by nightfall, we are down to the last few sips. Can we make it until they are all asleep and have no more needs?”

We can on most days. But if there are days when you tell them you “be there in just a minute” with no intention of climbing those stairs one more time?

No judgment here, Mama. Just a clink of my wine glass against yours. Go relax.

h/t: ScaryMommy