This Mom Tackling a “Bikini Body” Workout Video Is Right on the Money

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Summer is basically here, which means there will likely be some sort of body of water soon calling your name. And to get into it, you’re going to have to put on a swimsuit.


Well, mommy blogger Tiffany Jenkins decided to film herself trying out Popsugar’s Bikini Body Workout to give us all an idea of a). how hard it is and b). whether or not it works.

Photo Credit: Facebook,awestruckTV

The results are nothing short of Emmy-worthy, I promise you.

Highlights include: the moment she realizes she’s only done four minutes, her “safety first” modifications, and Jenkins screaming “you’re not coming into my fitness cornfield with your feathers, you bird,” to one of the women on the television.

Yelling at the too-perky, too-fit ladies is my favorite part of any at-home workout. And one of the many reasons I don’t take in-person classes at the gym.

Jenkins finishes the workout but decides that her body probably isn’t going to be ready for a bikini any time soon.

Watch the video in all its glory below.

h/t: ScaryMommy