This Mom’s Response to Being Told to ‘Cover up’ While Breastfeeding Wins the Internet



In this day and age of education and tolerance, one would think that women could breastfeed (or not) in public (or not) covered (or not) and have a reasonable assumption that other people will leave them and their baby the hell alone.

Sadly, post after post says that’s not true. Women are still being shamed and told to “cover up,” as though there’s something sexual or offensive about feeding a hungry baby – and women who breastfeed have just about had enough.

This mom, however, wins the internet with how she chose to respond to a man who told her to “cover up” on a 90-degree day on an outdoor patio at a restaurant.

The good people of the Internet loved the post and the woman’s response, giving her plenty of “here here”s! and cheers via the web.

Let’s just all agree to keep our eyes and hands and opinions to ourselves in public, okay? Everyone will be better off in the end.