This Video Reveals the Real Reason Stay-At-Home Moms Can’t Get Anything Done and It’s Downright Amazing



To anyone who has never been a stay-at-home mom, the days can be a mystery. Like…how does one entertain themselves with no one but young children to interact with all day? How do you get anything else done? How is your house so clean (or how is it not)? It can be a very confusing!

But don’t worry – stay-at-home mom Cara Marie Leighty has you covered with this hilarious video documenting just why it’s so hard to get all of your chores done while staying home with your kids (even if they go to school for part of the day).

There are all of the usual reasons why cleaning is hard – if not impossible – with children at home. They like to make messes as fast as we clean them, they need to be like, changed and fed and stuff, and more days than not, they seem to be in cahoots with the dog on one or all fronts.

Leighty, though, documents her struggles with a different sort of distraction – the dance break.

She dances while she dusts.

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And wipes the counters…

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As she knocks out the dishes…

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And while vacuuming, too.

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She even busts a move while cleaning the windows (or taunting the dog, it’s hard to tell).

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Surprisingly, she also gets plenty done while enjoying herself, getting a little exercise, and amusing all of us in the process.

Heck, maybe we should all give it try! I know I’m going to!