This Viral Post Nails the Truth About the Imbalance of Power Between Moms and Dads



One of the things no one tells you about having kids is the toll it will take on your relationship. Maybe this isn’t true of every marriage, but it seems to be true for all of the ones I’ve been able to see behind closed doors – and getting through those first years as you shift from a couple to Mom and Dad can be rough.

Are rough. And the imbalance of chores that exists in 99% of marriages is one of the biggest hurdles for couples to leap – hopefully landing safely on the other side.

And Australian author and blogger Constance Hall is getting real about how, while other people see her and her husband as “couples goals” the truth is that they struggle as much as anyone when a new baby comes home.

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As someone at home with a23-month-old and a 6 week old, I feel her words on a visceral level.

I hate my husband a lot of the time. I resent the fact that I do 95% of the heavy lifting – even for stuff that has nothing to do with the baby, like the dishes.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love him. It doesn’t mean we won’t be fine.

It means that having a new baby at home is hard. And it’s okay to admit that sometimes while you cry.

And also, drink wine.