This Viral Tweet Sparked Quite the Debate on Dads Sleeping in Maternity Wards

Image Credit: Pixabay


This topic kind of took me by surprise – in the States, it’s common practice for a dad to stay in the maternity ward with mom to help out, bond, and generally be a supportive partner. It’s not always possible, especially if the couple’s support system is out of state and they have older children to care for, but it is optimal.

At least, that’s what I thought when I forced my own husband to sleep on the uncomfortable couch beside my equally uncomfortable bed.

There are benefits to having dad there, especially if mom has had a c-section or other difficult birth – he can soothe the baby if mom needs help moving around, and early bonding between dads and their children has serious benefits, including dads being more engaged and confident in caring for a newborn and infant.

Apparently, in the UK, the practice isn’t commonplace, and some places in the States and in Canada are following suit – and some people, even women who have given birth, agree with them.

They were quick to point out issues that I personally didn’t run into where I gave birth, but that are valid, nonetheless – like the fact that everyone’s partner isn’t as great as yours.

Not everyone has access to a private room postpartum.

And pointing out that it’s a time when women are still vulnerable and often in some state of undress while learning to care for and feed their new little bundle.

This post was definitely eye-opening for me, and a reminder that everyone’s experience and needs are not the same. Which is never a bad thing, right?