This Woman Celebrated Her Divorce by Blowing up Her Wedding Dress



There’s no reason not to celebrate milestones in your life – or at least, to commemorate them – even if the event in question seems like something negative instead of positive. All change is necessary, whether or not we deem it good, and transitions can be hard, right?

Divorce is no exception. For me, personally, the day was a happy one that marked freedom from emotional abuse and a controlling man, but it also brought about complex feelings of failure, etc., along with it. For others who might still have romantic feelings for their ex-spouse or be facing the daunting task of co-parenting in the days, weeks, years, and decades ahead, the challenges can be different.

Photo Credit: Facebook

For 43-year-old Texan Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler, the occasion was more of a merry one that she chose to mark with a party for family and friends. About 40 people gathered to help her say goodbye to her 14-year marriage, but they probably weren’t expecting to see her wedding dress explode!

To accomplish the trick, Kimberly used her trusty shotgun and 20 pounds of an explosive called tannerite – she hit it on her first try and the ensuing explosion was heard 15 miles away.

The dress, she said, “represented a lie.” I guess that means it had to go.

I mean…why not?

The video was shot and posted by her sister Carla, who laughed about how they were “getting messages asking if that was our explosion people were feeling and hearing around the county. …like, ‘uh, is everything okay over there?'”

Judging by the new divorcee’s tiara declaring “I’m not with stupid anymore,” everything was a-ok.

“It was liberating pulling that trigger,” Kimberly said. “It was closure for all of us. It wasn’t done for my ex-husband or about him. It was just our family having a fun-filled celebration.”

It certainly sounds like things went out with a well-deserved bang!