If You Have A Toddler, You Already Know Why “Poop” Toys Are Trending



Once you have a tiny little bundle of joy in your life, the ability to be squeamish about and/or to avoid human excrement is no longer your right to exercise. You made the baby, you deal with the poop. And as the light of your life gets older, you can expect to find poop in rather unexpected – and unwanted – places.

My kid is 13-months-old. Here is a list: the bathtub, his hands, the toy he was holding to distract him from the fact that I was changing his diaper, and the rug in his room. So far.

My friends who have older children inform me that, especially to boys, poop never ceases to be funny (those of us who are married can also confirm this). Which is why I’m not (and you’re probably not, either) surprised that poop toys and games are now making the rounds.

I blame the poop emoji. You should, too.

If your little one loves poop, well…add these gems to your birthday shopping list.

1. Flushing Frenzy (Mattel)

See if you can plunge the giant (plastic) turd in order to collect coins!

2. Don’t Step In It (Hasbro)

Photo Credit: Amazon

It’s kind of like a new version of Twister, but also good practice for the backyard if you have a dog!

3. Poopeez (Amazon)

Photo Credit: Amazon

You’ve got toilet paper, vomit, “silent but deadly” farts, and the standby “traditional” turd, and IDK, I guess you want to collect them all?

4. Pull My Finger (Sandaroo)

Photo Credit: Amazon

It’s exactly what it sounds like, and I can already hear every kid in my life laughing.

There you have it! Is it wrong that I’m thinking about buying one (or more)?

h/t: The Stir – Cafe Mom