How To Turn Your Baby’s Favorite Onesie Into A Memory Bear



I have a box of my baby’s clothes that are “sentimental,” so they have not been tossed into the bins reserved for clothes to be lent to friends or donated. What I’m planning to do with them has been unclear (I mean, my kid is only 1), but my husband has already learned not to ask that question.

Now that I’ve seen these memory bears, I may have found the answer.

Photo Credit: Etsy

There are several companies that do this now, and even some boutique stores that have gotten into the game. One is Legacy Memory Bears, where you can buy a “Center Stage Bear” featuring one of your child’s old dance costumes or an “Heirloom Bear” that’s made out of some kind of keepsake material.

From the website:

“All memory bears are designed and created for a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Each bear is 18″ and made with plastic safety eyes and noses.”

You can even add custom embroidery to the paws (for an additional charge).

Photo Credit: Tea For Two

They’re pricey, but I think they would make a great gift.

Or a great thing to have at home when you send that little one who used to wear a sleeper with dinosaur feet off to college.


h/t: TipHero