“This Is Us” Goes After The Crockpot Decal Industry…Which Never Existed Until Now


Before I begin today’s article, if you’re a fan of the ABC drama This Is Us and you haven’t finished watching season two, STOP READING THIS ARTICLE AND TURN BACK! Below there be spoilers!

But if you’re totally unfamiliar with the show and have no plans to watch it, or don’t mind one of the show’s biggest moments being spoiled, read on.

This Is Us is a multi-generational family drama that tells the parallel stories of two parents raising their kids in the 1970’s and 80’s, as well as those kids’ lives one they’re grown up. The show has become notorious for its ability to make any human being, no matter how strong, cry like a baby. It’s kind of like Ipecac, but for human tears. Put on the show, and you are guaranteed waterworks.

The show is in its second season now, and you might have heard that one of the main characters, Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia, met an untimely demise involving a Crock Pot. I won’t go into exactly what happened, but suffice to say that the show’s fans have been grief-stricken. They’re also not too happy with slow cookers right now. The maker of the Crock Pot even had to issue a semi-serious statement reassuring the public that their product is very safe.

As anyone who’s worked in the commemorative plates industry knows, massive public grieving=$$$. That’s why several Etsy entrepreneurs have whipped up This Is Us-themed decals for fans to stick on their Crock Pots. That way, every time they want to make a batch of pulled pork, they can remember Jack.

If you’re still missing Jack’s tender paternal vibes, maybe grab a decal for your own pot. At the very least, it’s a great way to confuse people who haven’t seen the show.

1. #Sarcasm

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2. Never Forget

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3. Solidarity

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4. Wait…what?

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It seems weird to me to decorate a Crock Pot with an explicitly anti-Crock Pot message …maybe this is specifically for Crock Pots that were broken in a fit of rage by grief-crazed fans?

Or maybe I’m over-thinking it.



h/t: Scary Mommy