Wedding Dress Slip Helps Brides In The Bathroom


What does a bride on her wedding day have in common with a Disney mascot and a military bomb disposal technician? Once they get into their outfit, it’s really hard to go to the bathroom.

Or at least it used to be! Because now brides have a new accessory that makes wedding-day bathroom visits a breeze: the Bridal Buddy.

(Sorry, Mickey impersonators and EOD techs. You still have to go in the suit.)

Without the Bridal Buddy, a your bathroom options are limited at best. One you’re in the wedding dress, there’s pretty much no way to visit the ladies room by yourself. And unless you’re willing to take the entire dress off, you’re going to have to enlist your squad for help. So at best, you’re looking at cramming two or three close friends into a tiny bathroom stall to hold your dress while you do your business. Even then, there are still plenty of ways for things to go wrong. It’s tough to have a relaxing bathroom break when you’re worrying about your dress getting pee stains.

A Bridal Buddy eliminates all those issue. The way it works is simple–it’s basically a slip. You wear it under your dress, and when nature calls, you gather the gown together and pull the Bridal Buddy over it. Put your arms through the arm holes, tighten the elastic string, and you’re good to go.

Here it is in action:

The Bridal Buddy is the brainchild of Heather Stenlake, a bridal industry veteran who’s been working with wedding dresses since 1998. Like all good inventions, the Bridal Buddy was born out of necessity.ย โ€œThe one question brides would always ask was โ€˜how am I supposed to go to the bathroom in this thing?โ€™” she told Scary Mommy. “The only answers at the time were โ€˜bring your bridesmaids in to hold up the gown, take the dress off, [or] turn around and face the back of the toilet.โ€™ I knew there had to be a better way.โ€

Stenlake took a hiatus from the bridal industry, but when she rediscovered her prototype of the Bridal Buddy made years earlier, she decided to revive the project. She took it onย Shark Tank where she received $75,000 in funding.

Reactions to the Bridal Buddy have been almost all positive.

The company even offers a Bridal Buddy that comes in black, to be worn non-wedding gowns:

So if you’re planning on tying the knot, a Bridal Buddy will save the big day. Your wedding dress, and your granddaughter who might wear it one day, will both thank you.


h/t: Scary Mommy