Wife Gets Last Laugh By Pranking Husband From Beyond The Grave


What keeps a couple together? Usually it’s not the grand romantic gestures we’ve all seen in a million rom-coms. What keeps two different people is often particular, peculiar, and even unromantic. For example, my relationship with my girlfriend is based on a sturdy foundation of inside jokes, Korean BBQ tacos, and a shared dislike of the same people.

This is why, when one terminally ill woman recently wanted to make a loving gesture for her husband, she knew it had to be something he specifically would appreciate: a prank from beyond the grave.

Twitter user Antonia Nicol of London, UK, shared the prank her late mom pulled on her unsuspecting dad. It began with a seemingly innocent request for him to handle a household chore.

The Tweet quickly went viral around the world, and when Nicol’s father learned he had been tricked, he was delighted, and even offered up a re-enactment.

The people of Twitter had a lot of responses to the story. One woman noticed that while Nicol’s mother’s prank was indeed hilarious, it also served a therapeutic purpose in a difficult time:

You know you’re an expert prankster when your prank has multiple levels.

Another Twitter user had an interpretation that wasn’t quite as uplifting, (but still pretty funny):

Another was reminded of her own mother.

One was even inspired to begin plotting herself.

Nicol’s parents have definitely given us all something to aspire to!



h/t: Cafe Mom