Woman Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos – And the Internet Is Cracking Up


Scroll through Instagram and you’re guaranteed to come across at least a few pictures of celebrities, well, living celebrity lives. They might be enjoying trendy foods, posing in the middle of the street in fashionable outfits, or soaking up rays on (of course) a beautiful yacht. Right.

Whatever they’re up to, celebrities always manage to get a stunning, Instagram-worthy shot that’s guaranteed to get thousands of likes and make followers everywhere green with envy.

Well, comedienne Celeste Barber decided she wanted to get in on the glamorous fun in her own, um, unique way. Celeste has dedicated her own Instagram feed to imitating the lives of today’s biggest celebrities — but not quite in the way you might be imagining.

Rather than try to live the life of these famous, sparkly people Celeste has decided to poke a little bit of fun at herself AND them by recreating their most popular Instagrams. And the results have the internet cracking up.

Here are just a few of our favorite examples of Celeste’s personal take on the glitziest photos on Instagram:

1. Queen Bey Wishes She Was This Graceful

Woman recreating Beyonce's photo.

Practically the same picture (minus the trench coat, to be fair.)

2. That Feeling When You Put the Windows Down and Your Hair Doesn’t Move

Woman recreating Jessica's photo.

There’s always time for an effortless out-the-car-window selfie.

3. Live Footage of How We All Get Out of Bed in the Morning

Woman recreating photo.

Really amps you up for the day ahead, you know?

4. A Quick Trend Alert

Woman recreating scarf photo.

Straight from New York Fashion week, everyone.

5. Just Doing Some Casual Boat-Side Lounging

Woman recreating boat photo.

Wait, you DON’T lay on a boat like this? Um, okay.

6. Just Living Her Most Glamorous Dog-Walking Life

Woman recreating dog walking photo.


7. Expectation vs. Reality

Woman recreating Instagram photo.

Hey, when you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Check out more of Celeste’s hilarious photo recreations on her Instagram, here.