These Women Prove There Ain’t No Party Like A Wedding Dress Party

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You might remember the episode of Friends where Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe get depressed about being single and decide to cheer themselves up by wearing their wedding dresses around the apartment for the evening. (Spoiler Alert: it totally works).

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The truth is that all brides are probably a little bit sad that the dress they dreamed of, the dress they adored, the dress that made them feel prettier than they’ve ever felt (and yeah, the most expensive one-off piece of clothing ever), is something that’s only socially acceptable to wear twice. Which is why Scary Mommy contributor Christine Burke and her friends decided there must be a way to bust those puppies out of their boxes once again.

Unbeknownst to their husbands, she and her group of friends decided that they would surprise their spouses by coming to a New Year’s Eve party clad as they were on their wedding days. Mostly.

“The only problem? We all got married 20 years ago and 8 kids between us ago. Let’s just say that our mom hips had far expanded the satin we needed the first time around. But NBD – nothing a few pins and some duct tape (or a whole roll of duct tape) couldn’t fix.”

Duct tape FTW, again and again.

“Potential wardrobe malfunctions notwithstanding, I’m no quitter and I was determined to participate in the fun, even if my mom boobs had other plans.”

And fun was had, with the women laughing until they cried (and peed) while getting dressed together, then again when their husbands got a glimpse of what they’d been up to over secret group texts for weeks.

“I’d like to say the husbands melted into a cacophony of ‘Aw, look it’s my beautiful bride!’ and ‘Honey, you haven’t changed a bit!’ but I’d be lying. The men stared at us open-mouthed and confused as to exactly what was going on. And then they all laughed as hard as we were laughing.”

The Internet loved the idea, and Christine and her friends are currently looking for other venues where they can display their beautiful old dresses.

They encourage you to do the same.

h/t: Scary Mommy