Women Share The Weirdest Stuff They’ve Found In Guys’ Bathrooms



We’ve all known the stereotype that guys in their 20’s, (or 30’s, or 40’s), are inherently slobs. And sure, there are millions of young men in the world who are neat and tidy, just like there are millions of young women who are just as slobby as guys are.

So it’s a stereotype, but that doesn’t mean it’s inaccurate. Twitter user Jodie Grace was recently visiting a guy’s home, and when she went into the bathroom, she made a shocking discovery:

What…what the hell is that?! Some kind of makeshift plunger-toiled brush combo? I actually…kind of respect that. It’s gross and weird for sure, but also thrifty and resourceful. MacGuyver probably has one of these in his bathroom.

The discovery prompted Jodie to ask her followers to share their own examples of weird stuff in guys’ bathrooms. It might sound like too specific of a situation to get many responses, but no. Her Tweet got over 66 thousand likes and hundreds of responses, and Jodie’s was probably the least weird of the bunch.

It’s clear that young men have no idea how to maintain their bathroom, or even what to use it for. And it’s amazing that anyone successfully completes a hookup.


1. Orange you glad you had to use the restroom?

2. But comparing weird bathrooms is like apples and oranges.

3. Hope you also enjoy alone time!

4. +50 points for creativity, -5000 points for privacy.

5. When entertaining guests, etiquette requires you provide refreshment.

6. Self-blinders.

7. Pictured: the unluckiest Roman in Pompeii.

Photo Credit: @jodieegrace

8.  HOW do you screw this up?!?!?!

9. The Lord always watches over you.

Photo Credit: @jodieegrace

10. It’s like that scene in Annie Hall, except not remotely cute.

11. A “Get Out While You Still Can” Barbie. (Collector’s item!)

12. When your interior decorator is John Wayne Gacy.

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. What, is a magazine too boring for you???

14. You otter be ashamed of yourself.

15. Looks like we found another foolproof form of birth control.