If You’re A “Hot Mess Mom,” This Viral Post Proves You’re Not Alone

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Since the advent of social media, it’s easy to believe that we’re behind the eight ball when it comes to relationships, raising kids, and adulting in general. That’s because it seems like everyone we know is showered, dressed, and herding perfectly coiffed kids out the door on any given Monday morning while we’re still in our bathrobe fumbling for coffee, crawling around on the floor in search of a missing shoe.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle – we win some days, we lose others, and really, the only measure of how well we’re doing is whether or not our kids are provided for and loved.

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Which is exactly the message Danielle Silverstein was trying to share when she wrote a now-viral post on her FB page, Where The Eff Is My Handbook, that began with the sentence, “Ok, full disclosure: I really AM a hot-mess mom. I am consistently five steps behind where I should be in the world of responsible adulting.”

Okay. I can roll with this.

She continues:

“Never once have I thought to myself, ‘OMG, I think I’m actually tackling this whole parenthood thing. Nope. Not once…I am that mom who doesn’t do dishes at night before I go to bed. I do dishes when I get around to doing dishes. I’m that mom who grabs her kids’ clothes out of the dryer in the morning because nothing is folded and put away. I’m that mom who misses a birthday party or an appointment from time to time because I forgot to put it in my calendar.”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

When Scary Mommy reached out for an interview, Danielle explained that she thinks so many moms feel like if we don’t have it all together, we’re failing our kids. And “one really doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Organization and love have nothing to do with one another.”

Bless you, Danielle.

h/t: Scary Mommy