If You’re A Sports Mom, You’ve Definitely Had These 12 Thoughts Before



We love our kids. We love them enough to give up beautiful things like sleep and to schlep them to soccer “games” at 8 in the morning in the freezing drizzle with a sort-of smile on our faces. Because we support them, and we want to be their biggest cheerleaders in sports and in life.

Which, you know, is what it totally looks like on the outside…while other sorts of thoughts are rattling around in our heads…like these quotes.

#12. “I think I felt rain. Please please please rain enough to get us out of here early.”

#11. “Why are we always on the farthest field from the parking lot?”

#10. “That guy is so loud…and also he’s my husband.”

#9. “How could I forget a blanket again? Just put one in the car and leave it there!”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

#8. “I need to do the laundry. And empty the dishwasher. And plan dinner. And mop the floors.”

#7. “These bleachers are so uncomfortable. And cold. We should buy some of those chairs that serious sports parents have.”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

#6. “Did I pay the water bill?”

#5. “Is my son even playing? What number is he again?”

#4. “Do I have cankles”

#3. “Am I the only mom who still wears capris? Or Toms?”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

#2. “Wow, when was the last time I shaved my legs?”

#1. “We need to go grocery shopping. If I mentally make a list, will I remember everything without Alexa’s help?”

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h/t: ScaryMommy