What is a dad if he doesn’t have jokes? Nothing, I tell you! NOTHING!

I mean, it’s a question for the ages, but don’t ponder it for too long – the answer is, he’s not a dad at all. As I said.

Which is why these 10 dads, no matter how tired, just have to keep us laughing.

Come on dads… don’t let us down!

10. That’s not a good moment.

It is a funny one, though.

9. Every single time.

We don’t stop saying nice things, though.

8. Your toddler doesn’t care.

That’s a protip.

7. I mean. Why?

If it keeps them busy it’s a go in my house.

6. Of course it had to be a cop.

This is horrible and hilarious.

5. Except for the tattling.

If that’s not happening, leave them alone. Unless they’re quiet.

4. No omg make it stop.

I’m crying.

3. Kids should really come with remotes.

Wouldn’t that be handy?

2. They do this more than you ever would have believed.

I have no idea what’s wrong with them.

1. Same with movie tickets.

It’s a different sort of lesson.

Man, kids are a trip, aren’t they? It’s like they don’t know what they’re doing and we have to teach them, but they don’t want to listen… and they think they know everything?

Naww… that can’t be it.

Okay, that’s all from us for now. And so… we want to hear from you!

Tell us your favorite dad joke in the comments! Do it quickly or we might not make it.

Please and thank you!