Kids are hilarious, and during times of stress – most days due to something they’ve done or destroyed – the saving grace is those same kids doing or saying something adorable.

In this day and age, if you capture that thing on camera, you have to share it. It makes other people happy and to feel better, too, so why not?

These 10 parents are hip and cool enough to have TikTok, and they’re sharing some pretty hilariously cute moments.

10. It just keeps going and going.

And I’m not mad about it.

9. It can be hard to keep your cool when accidental curse words emerge.

You know what she’s trying to say, at least.

8. He’s so excited he can’t speak!

I wish someone loved me that much.


So excited he cant say what he wants to say 🥰😂😂#toddlerlife #toddlers#toddlersoftiktok #excited #fyp#like#foryou #foryoupage #f4f

♬ original sound – BreBre

7. All the pieces are there, and yet…

Please don’t make her say it right.


Toe-May-Toe…. Monamatoe 😂 #toocute #baby #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #duetthis #adorable #learningwords

♬ Can you say Monamatoe – Roz

6. I think this kid is just trolling.

Come on, that’s not even close!


Almost buddy…almost #fyp #comedy #cute

♬ Popsicle – Josh Mericle

5. I think he just likes making her laugh.

It made me laugh, too. Ha!

4. If I were his mom I would want him to say it the cute way for as long as possible.

Seriously, he has his entire life to say it right.


Say hamburger #cantsayit #boymom

♬ original sound – Jessica Knapp

3. Well, that escalated quickly.

I definitely hope they don’t see one of those in public.


She knew what she was doing 😂 #lol #babies #fail

♬ original sound – FailArmy

2. So much emphasis on the bad word the second time around.

Almost like they know, hmm?


When your 2 year old cant say funk🙈🙏🚨#kidsaysbadword #full180 #fyp #foryouppage #momlifebelike

♬ original sound – Luvmoore

1. To be fair, popsicle is a hard word.

And kids everywhere need to know how to say it!


Thought this was a joke and tried it on Mena…guess it’s true lol #popsiclechallenge #toddlercantsayit

♬ original sound – dianaverduz92

I wish I was better at filming stuff when it happened – I need to get better!

What’s the funniest word your child mispronounced?

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