It would be a lot easier if we, as parents, could reliably remain smarter than our kids for at least a decade or two, wouldn’t it? In some ways we are, of course, because experience is the very best teacher, but there’s no denying that those little rugrats can get the best of us when we’re not paying enough attention.

And on these days, at least, these 10 kids had their parents’ numbers – and it’s unclear whether or not they won the argument or got grounded for it.

Could go either way, really.

10. I guess that means it’s half hers.

But only if you agree.

9. Her ancestors are speaking.

I am here for this message, too.

8. He claimed every single slice.

That’s how you get pizza for breakfast, my friends.

7. She knows her competitive mother.

But not that mom will always make you another grilled cheese, anyway.

6. There’s nothing to do but clap.

And go do your own thing, because he’s good.

5. I certainly hope not.

That would be one tragic film.

4. This is technically correct.

You’ve gotta give it to her…this time.

3. Like we’re dinosaurs.

I suppose to them we kind of are.

2. The other option is we all go pantsless like the dog.

I’m here for it.

1. Hey, free bowl!

I’ve done this with ramekins but this is next level.

These are just hilarious, and comedy is one of the best side effects of becoming a parent.

What’s the funniest/most surprising thing your kiddo has said lately? Share it with us in the comments!