All kids have a lot to learn. They’re kids, which means they haven’t experienced a whole lot of life – they don’t even know enough to know what questions to ask, really.

So it makes sense that they’re totally clueless have the time, right? That said, when your kids do stuff like these 10 kiddos did, it’s ok to laugh.

It’s the parent tax.

10. I don’t understand the problem.

Obviously, you display this with pride.

Winnie the Poo

9. This is just super wholesome.

I love people who have secrets with kids.

True story.
by inKidsAreFuckingStupid

8. Some day this is going to come to an awkward conclusion.

I hope the update comes across my feed.

7. You never know when life will take a turn.

It could happen one day, in her imagination.

6. Bless his heart.

He’ll figure it out eventually.

Got new doors installed. He doesn’t realise one of his favorite hide and seek spots has been severely compromised.
byu/stepuptoredalert inKidsAreFuckingStupid

5. Do they get to do something fun if they pass?

Wear your masks! Think of the trains!

4. Toddlers are like cats.

If it fits, they sits.

That time I figured out how to take the lid off of the vent, and proceeded to get stuck in it
byu/yatenate inKidsAreFuckingStupid

3. I sense something is afoot.

What on earth was he thinking?

[deleted by user]
by inKidsAreFuckingStupid

2. Kid logic is the best.

Also, that’s a fancy drying rack!

Someone’s kid hung up the wet wipes to allow them to dry
byu/thinkingbell955 inKidsAreFuckingStupid

1. Those parents must have been shaking their heads so hard.

His heart was in the right place.

A friend on fb just posted this…
byu/natisnotcool inKidsAreFuckingStupid

Giggle-worthy, right? As long as you don’t have to clean it up.

Tell us about a time your kid did something like this! We want to hear about it in the comments!