If there’s one thing about parenting that I know for sure is true, it’s that laughter is the key to getting through absolutely anything. If you can find a way to unearth the humor in the wild and crazy every day, you’re going to be just fine.

To that end, these 10 parents are helping you out – so have a chuckle at the wild and crazy in their lives while looking for it in your own.

10. Living the dream.

How long do I have wait for that day?

9. You don’t exactly mean to, but…

They make the decision for themselves, honestly.

8. I mean those are things.

Not productive things, but things.

7. They do it to themselves.

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

6. You can’t argue with a 3yo.

Just give in an walk away.

5. Do you ask questions?

Probably not, because there couldn’t possibly be a good answer.

4. There are no vacations with kids.

There are only trips.


3. Just give me the gas!

And stop taking about Minecraft for the love of god.

2. Who would have thought it?

They even want your WATER.

1. That’s when you drop it.

Seriously just walk away.

Kids are truly funny, whether they’re trying to be or not, don’t you think?

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