Most days we’re so thrilled with our decision to become parents. Our little humans are adorable and funny, and honestly, they give us something to get excited about during our own middle age.

We all know there are some days when nothing goes right, everything is hard, and we’re thinking we’re definitely not up to the task – but those are the days when we must soldier on, my friends.

And one of the best ways to do that is to laugh with other parents about how real things can get – so grab hold of these 10 tweets and don’t let go.

10. You have no idea what it is.

But for some reason you’re willing to sniff it.

9. You can throw out your back doing literally anything.

And also nothing.

8. The nostril shots are my favorite.

That at the ones that I didn’t notice were being taken of myself.

7. The most important parts.

Maybe throw in something about recess or some choice gossip.

6. They do say adorable things.

But it can really make you wonder about how they see the world.

5. There’s really no point.

They will find the bacteria every time.

4. Sometimes having a mini-me isn’t quite as cute.

Like when you have to deal with your mistakes twice.

3. A chaos of children.

I like it. Maybe we could try out “cacophony” too.

2. Toddlers, am I right?

Adorable, yet terrifying. Sometimes funny.

1. It’s Halloween all year in our house.

Terrifying in so many ways, for sure.

I hope y’all have some great friends, because we all need to vent now and again.

Which of these tweets did you forward to your mom and dad friends? Tell us in the comments!