We all know there are plenty of things about the human race that aren’t the best, but I also think we can agree that one of the best things about people in general is a sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine and all of that, right?

If you’re a parent, you know it’s also one of the things that keeps your kids alive and your liver healthy, so here – we think these 10 tweets are where it’s at.

10. Always ask questions of your parents.

They’ll get to it eventually.

9. I’m sure he clued her in.

Eventually, I mean. After the giggles.

8. He likes the peace and quiet. But not for long!

I feel this deep in my soul.

7. You’ve got time for a lesson!

But do you have the energy…

6. They won’t forget.

Birds aren’t at all dumb, unfortunately.

5. Bless his heart.

It’s a good thing they’re cute, y’all.

4. Definitely sus.

As the youths like to say.

3. Oh, the humanity!

Everything seems like such a big deal when you’re little.

2. They really do think we’re dumb.

You can use that to your advantage, though.

1. Get in that one last barb.

They need something to remember you by.


Didn’t that feel good, y’all? Didn’t that feel special? Didn’t that warm the cold, icy heart that lives inside most of us?

Yeah it did!

Share with us in the comments which of these you forwarded to a friend! Or, if you don’t have any friends, tell us why. We won’t judge. We love you just the way you are.